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Name Species Weight Birth Year Hobby Favorite Color Favorite Food
Impeccable Athena The Third rabbit 65 2007 playing fetch teal Yam
Tremendous Lady Junior hedgehog 77 2009 destroying stuff blue Asparagus
Phenomenal Shelby The Eighth chicken 34 2013 playing fetch teal Apple
Stunning Lucky The Fourth lizard 99 2021 sleeping yellow Kumquat
Terrific Archie The Sixth guinea pig 36 2013 destroying stuff beige Huckleberry
Dazzling Dixie The Eighth guinea pig 54 2007 playing fetch teal Tomato
Majestic Maya The Seventh lizard 54 2019 walking purple Avocado
Sensational Lilly The Third lizard 45 2019 destroying stuff silver Strawberry
Laudable Grace The Fourth lizard 77 2018 walking white Peach
Exquisite Pumpkin The Fourth rabbit 91 2021 chasing stuff purple Gooseberry
Fantastic Midnight The Sixth chicken 67 2008 sunbathing blue Loquat
Sensational Rusty Junior goat 76 2016 chasing stuff purple Dragonfruit
Exceptional Precious Senior chicken 50 2014 sleeping black Pomegranate
Striking Bandit The Eighth rabbit 42 2012 walking pink Garlic
Incredible Daisy The Third dog 81 2012 playing fetch yellow Peach
Brilliant Duke The Fifth lizard 47 2018 playing fetch red Loquat
Luminous Roxy The Seventh hamster 37 2013 walking teal Nance
Groundbreaking Pepper The Seventh goat 91 2013 sunbathing yellow Pineapple
Gnarly Midnight The Sixth llama 6 2010 sleeping pink Nance
Rad Jackson The Eighth bird 58 2012 sleeping bronze Apple
Premium Milo Senior fish 53 2012 scratching furniture black Asparagus
Marvelous Jasper Junior fish 68 2016 sunbathing silver Apricot
Stupendous Jasmine The Seventh chicken 87 2021 destroying stuff blue Strawberry
Extraordinary Zeus The Ninth mouse 54 2006 walking teal Onion
Astonishing Callie Junior fish 22 2018 sleeping gold Pear
Tremendous Lilly The Seventh dog 50 2008 walking gold Orange
Fantastic Heidi The Fourth rabbit 24 2013 scratching furniture bronze Garlic
Stellar Grace Senior hedgehog 72 2012 sunbathing orange Pear
Striking Cleo The Ninth dog 89 2014 sunbathing gray Pear
Stupendous Shadow The Fourth cat 15 2007 running gold Mulberry
Astonishing Ace The Sixth bird 7 2014 sunbathing orange Carrot
Sensational Mac The Sixth hamster 1 2015 scratching furniture black Gooseberry
Solid Snickers The Sixth mouse 18 2015 sunbathing white Jackfruit
Fantastic Belle The Eighth chicken 75 2008 sleeping gold Cilantro
Breathtaking Milo The Eighth hamster 44 2009 chasing stuff red Cilantro
Sensational Patches The Eighth hamster 57 2012 walking silver Passionfruit
Dazzling Sasha The Eighth lizard 87 2016 sunbathing red Carrot
Stylish Macy The Fifth guinea pig 39 2019 chasing stuff gray Mandarine
Excellent Benji The Eighth hamster 89 2018 sunbathing red Carrot
Wonderful Sally The Third mouse 84 2015 eating pink Marionberry
Lovely Maddie The Eighth lizard 90 2009 destroying stuff purple Plumcot
Groundbreaking Katie The Sixth fish 41 2014 scratching furniture white Olive
Neat Champ The Third llama 84 2013 playing fetch orange Honeyberry
Perfect Lulu The Sixth rabbit 58 2010 scratching furniture red Mandarine
Splendid Bruno The Third hedgehog 32 2010 playing fetch bronze Apple
Riveting Chico The Third goat 54 2006 playing fetch yellow Jackfruit
Lovely Oreo The Seventh lizard 99 2021 walking gray Orange
Lovely Bo Senior bird 38 2013 chasing stuff black Turnip
Stellar Millie The Ninth llama 71 2014 scratching furniture gold Blackberry
Superb Ziggy The Third mouse 27 2020 eating black Mango
Marvelous Cocoa The Sixth lizard 85 2012 playing fetch pink Zucchini
Neat Milo Senior llama 39 2013 sunbathing orange Olive
Sensational Precious The Fifth bird 82 2020 scratching furniture teal Boysenberry
Striking Jasper The Seventh mouse 65 2010 walking yellow Goji berry
Classy Lady The Fifth llama 73 2010 sunbathing black Carrot
Incredible Cookie The Seventh hamster 74 2020 chasing stuff pink Tomato
Fabulous Patches The Third guinea pig 79 2011 destroying stuff white Mandarine
Transcendent Stella The Sixth hamster 6 2018 destroying stuff gold Tangerine
Swell Louie The Sixth dog 48 2007 chasing stuff white Raisin
Terrific Socks The Ninth cat 10 2010 scratching furniture purple Avocado
Exceptional Sammy Senior cat 87 2014 destroying stuff purple Cranberry
Awesome Cocoa The Ninth hedgehog 55 2007 scratching furniture yellow Watermelon
Gnarly Oliver Junior cat 49 2021 running green Nectarine
Super Cash Senior hamster 82 2008 playing fetch purple Onion
Cool Sugar The Ninth fish 42 2019 destroying stuff white Dragonfruit
Perfect Dixie The Fourth lizard 99 2011 eating red Tamarind
Rad Shadow The Fifth lizard 99 2018 walking pink Marionberry
Majestic Daisy The Eighth llama 9 2007 scratching furniture gold Cranberry
Transcendent Boomer The Sixth dog 22 2009 walking gold Asparagus
Exceptional Champ Senior cat 26 2019 running beige Corn
Supreme Mittens The Fourth hamster 37 2018 eating white Papaya
Stylish Belle Senior goat 60 2011 destroying stuff yellow Blueberry
Polished Molly The Seventh lizard 55 2006 sleeping yellow Coconut
Exquisite Duke The Seventh hedgehog 7 2021 eating yellow Cucumber
Excellent Joey The Eighth fish 75 2021 running beige Grape
Brilliant Ziggy Junior chicken 29 2011 chasing stuff red Apricot
Classy Snuggles The Fourth llama 45 2007 sunbathing beige Mango
Awesome Ella The Ninth dog 36 2019 destroying stuff teal Pear
Stunning Socks The Fourth hedgehog 39 2020 scratching furniture yellow Papaya
Super Zeus The Eighth mouse 81 2011 sleeping yellow Grapefruit
Impressive Milo The Ninth lizard 63 2016 walking silver Blueberry
Supreme Samantha The Third llama 60 2020 destroying stuff beige Prune
Magnificent Garfield The Third cat 95 2008 walking purple Huckleberry
Ultimate Snickers Junior hamster 70 2012 running yellow Plantain
Amazing Ella The Sixth guinea pig 42 2017 playing fetch gold Raisin
Flawless Garfield Junior fish 64 2018 sunbathing gold Plum
Neat Trouble The Sixth llama 77 2009 sunbathing bronze Plum
Flawless Mittens The Eighth fish 19 2018 chasing stuff blue Honeydew
Smashing Ace The Fifth dog 18 2013 playing fetch gold Goji berry
Riveting Daisy The Fifth mouse 10 2019 scratching furniture black Turnip
Good Sierra Senior llama 92 2017 walking gold Nectarine
Exceptional Josie The Seventh mouse 67 2014 playing fetch teal Watermelon
Exquisite Rocky Senior hamster 9 2020 running green Blackberry
Phenomenal Otis Senior bird 23 2013 chasing stuff gray Lime
Majestic Kobe The Third dog 36 2009 destroying stuff black Pear
Fantastic Izzy The Eighth llama 90 2010 sleeping yellow Turnip
Smashing Joey Senior guinea pig 42 2019 sleeping silver Boysenberry
Astounding Trouble The Third chicken 71 2010 running bronze Plantain
Wondrous Brody The Fifth hedgehog 99 2015 chasing stuff pink Persimmon
Transcendent Gigi Junior bird 26 2019 playing fetch red Plantain